20 years after 9/11. Add your story. Your children will want to know your experiences.
My First Soccer Practice

Story Tellers In Middle School Boom! Boom! I hear the soccer balls hit the goal and the post. Soccer balls all over the place. 
Coach Juan said, “Go run 4 laps on the park.” We go run and Fernando said, “Let’s run fast to get to the shooting drill.” We finish running. We were on the shooting drill and we all started shooting. Me, Fernando and Christian started shooting. We said that we would kick the ball hard to make a goal. First it was my turn. I kick the ball, went curved and I made it. Now Fernando’s turn. He got 3 steps back and then he shot the ball, it hits the post and in. Christian’s turn, he kicks the ball and went up on 90’s and score. Now coach said, “Let’s go run the hill to get your feet stronger.” Nobody likes to run the hill but we had to do it. I run up the hill and back. 10 minutes later we were done with soccer practice. We were breathing so hard that we can barely walk but the good thing is that practice was over! 
Now I realize that if you make a good decision of never to give up, even if it is hard, keep trying to get what you want. Whatever you do, you get better at what you are doing.