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Facts about Lizy

This is written by my son when he was 7 year old right before his favorite pet left this planet earth.

1. Lizy is a bearded dragon.
2. Lizy is a male, approximately one year old.
3. It can grow up to 2 feet.
4. Lizy likes to eat mealworms and cricket.
5. Lizy likes to bask in the heat especially after eating.
6. Lizy comes from Australia ( And I thought, it came from pet store!)
7. In Australia, on cool days, Lizy can become dormant which means they sleep for 3 months.
8. It changes color to maintain body temperature ( hmmm, again, I thought it was to blend with surroundings).
9. Lizy can sleep while standing up (so can my husband)
10. Greens and lettuce are main source of water for Lizy.
I hope you feel fully educated with the ways of Lizy by now. He is no longer with us but he will live in our heart and stories forever.