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St. Patrick’s Day

It was St. Pat’s Day…., we had told our daughter that we would drive her to the NYC Airport early. It was a lovely day so we decided to go on into the city to watch the parade celebration. We were very lucky and found a suitable place to park the car and proceeded to 5th Avenue. What a lucky day for us. The weather was lovely. We could hear the cymbals clanging and the drums beating, and proceeded towards the parade route. What a perfect time for us to be in NYC! The crowds were laughing, cheering and drinking, while enjoying the Parade as we did too! We even found a couple of nice boxes to sit on as the many marchers streamed by us, in TRUE IRISH DRESS! … enjoying all that a parade brings to you! We watched people streaming out of the various cafes and taverns in true Irish Style! We stayed about three hours, reluctantly leaving all the gaiety and celebration that we witnessed. We are not IRISH but is was a day to remember!