Who is History Chip For?

History Chip is for those who want to share their true stories and for those who want to expand their view of history and read stories from many different perspectives to flesh out the truth about events, times, and places in history.

We are  seeking true stories about extraordinary and transformative events, as well as, ordinary life experiences as reported by people from all walks of life—from war veterans to refugees, from the disabled to the cross-country cyclist.

Visitors to History Chip are invited to read and write. Some predominantly read stories and some predominantly write them. The activities aren’t exclusive, and you’re encouraged to do both.

How can you participate?

Add a story! Every one of us has a story. Your story will provide important firsthand details and personal accounts of life events that help others interpret history in a meaningful way. Your stories are added to History Chip’s searchable database, where we are creaJng unprecedented historical research for historians, researchers, other writers, and readers around the world to explore.